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remind you, that you CAN live the life of your dreams!
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About US

Dream-Believe-Achieve™ is a trademark of Healthy Fundraising USA™, a Florida based company dedicated to helping kids live happier, healthier and longer lives.  Our founder, Carmine Garofalo is a former Physical Education Teacher, Certified Financial Planner, Volleyball Coach, Life Coach, Health Advocate and Motivational Speaker.

Mr. Garofalo created the Dream-Believe-Achieve™ seminars as a way to share the simple yet powerful principles of success learned over many years, through experience, education and mentoring of some of the most successful people in this country; Principles that will lead to total success, happiness and fulfillment.  

The Dream-Believe-Achieve™ wristbands were designed to be a daily reminder, motivation and inspiration that would help people believe in, work towards and achieve the life of their dreams!

In addition to Dream-Believe-Achieve™, Mr. Garofalo has been actively involved on the local, state and national levels in bringing awareness and helping to fight the epidemic of obesity, since 2001.

After watching his children come home with Krispy Kreme and other junk food fundraisers year after year, as a parent he felt it was wrong for schools, sports teams and other groups in position of influence, to promote products that were detrimental to the good health of children.  

In 2003, believing that there was a better and more positive way to help non-profit groups raise money, Mr. Garofalo created Healthy Fundraising USA, the first and most complete Healthy Fundraising program in North America (and possibly the world).

For more information or to invite Mr. Garofalo, to speak to your school assembly, sports team, school graduation, etcetera, please contact us at 941-752-4110.

Vision without action is merely a dream.

Action without vision just passes time.

Vision with action can change the world!
- Joel Barker

Carmine Garofalo; Founder of Healthy Fundraising USA™, Dream-Believe-Achieve™, Healthy Fundraising Canada™
Carmine Garofalo
Updated: 8/18/2016

Dream-Believe-Achieve come in different colors and either ink filled or debossed with motivational phrases
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